U.S. magazine subscriptions

U.S. Magazines Subscriptions

Are you looking for low cost subscriptions to your favorite U.S. magazines? Well, you have found the right place to get them. We have over 1,400 magazines to choose from. They are all at much lower prices than you would pay at a bookstall. All magazines are shipped to you directly from the publishers. Shipping and handling is included in the prices shown.

Please note that these discount magazine subscriptions are only available for addresses in the USA.

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To give you an idea of the various magazines that are available, here is a randomly chosen selection of US magazines that you will find in this online discount magazine subscription store.

Yachting Magazine - Boating and Watersports

Each issue of Yachting features a calendar of boating events and reviews of new products including equipment, clothing and engines. Yachting Magazine also covers topics such as travel and racing destinations....

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This item is located in the Boating and Watersports category.

Working Mother Magazine - Business and Finance

Working Mother magazine is the essential tool for mothers who have made the decision to raise families while continuing to pursue their careers....

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This item is located in the Business and Finance category.

GM High Tech Performance Magazine - Automotive

GM High Tech Performance Magazine is the magazine featuring the exciting late model performance car- Camaros, Firebirds, Corvettes, as well as high-tech systems....

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This item is located in the Automotive category.

Leben Magazine - History

A Christian history and biography magazine that focuses on stirring stories of those who have loved the faith more than life itself. It has a special emphasis on the churches that trace their lineage to the Reformation....

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This item is located in the History category.

Native Peoples Magazine - History

Each issue brings you American Indian history, contemporary arts, Native film, theater, music, culture, Native American recipes, pow-wows & events in North & South America in exquisite full-color....

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This item is located in the History category.




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